Jessica Riviere

Instructional Designer

Jessica’s research centers on best practices in graduate education, including supporting graduate student instructors. She started at the Hub in August of 2020. Prior to that she was an Instructional Consultant at The Ohio State University. She earned a Ph.D. in German Literature from Vanderbilt University, where she taught the first four semesters of German language courses as well as classes in European Studies. She was a faculty adviser for the College of Arts and Sciences at Vanderbilt before moving to Columbus, OH to work in the teaching center at Ohio State University. Jessica’s dissertation work focused on women’s essayistic writing in German at the time of the French revolution.

Jessica’s Recent Blog Posts

  • Canvas was down?! Now What?
    As much as we hope you found out about the Canvas outage last night with a mild “huh, ok,” when you read your email this morning, we know it’s more likely that the Canvas outage in the afternoon and evening of March 3rd disrupted your ability to do work – and disrupted your students! So… Read More »Canvas was down?! Now What?
  • Restorative gestures in higher education
    Estimated reading time 3 minutes 45 seconds. In the weeks since the outcome of the US presidential election, there has been a lot of rhetoric around healing and coming together. We are, as a society and as a campus, certainly reeling from being so disoriented by remote instruction and pandemic living for such a long… Read More »Restorative gestures in higher education
  • Hiding Menu Items
    How to streamline your course menu for students benefit By Chris Casey, University Coordinator of Digital Education together with Jessica Riviere, Instructional Consultant On November 18th, Chris Casey and Jessica Riviere presented very briefly on the why and the how of a feature of Canvas course design: hiding menu items. Watch the recording of our… Read More »Hiding Menu Items
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    How to design office hours so that students actually come This week during the Hub coffee hour we discussed how to handle office hours – now that none of us are working in offices on campus. Watch the recording of our conversation: Office hours are important to us Faculty care a lot about making office… Read More »Office Hours or Coffee Hours?