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Generative AI at University of Michigan – Dearborn

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) has been getting a lot of attention lately but was especially boosted in late 2022 with OpenAI’s release of ChatGPT. These technologies can generate unique content through simple plain language prompting. What kind of content? Well that depends on the tool. In the case of ChatGPT it is written text but other tools like DALL-E generate images and others can generate video or even voices.

Many institutions are creating draft policies, practical guides, and other documents to inform their campus’ about this technology and to start conversations about concerns and opportunities that the tech might bring. I am excited to announce that we just created a Generative AI at UM-Dearborn document. I know as part of the drafting group one of the things that I first started looking for was what other schools were putting out so I thought sharing the document more broadly might be of benefit to others.

The document starts with a disclaimer: “Issues around generative AI in higher education are rapidly changing. This document is updated as changes happen.” as this is truly an emergent situation. For this same reason we can’t really offer “best practices” but we can watch and inform and share what approaches we are seeing. If you are at Dearborn or if you are part of our broader audience we hope you find the document helpful in how you see these technologies impacting your classes.

Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay