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Bruce Maxim

Dr. Bruce R. Maxim is Professor of Computer and Information Science and the
Narasimhamurthi “Nattu” Natarajan Collegiate Professor of Engineering at the University of
Michigan – Dearborn. His research interests include software engineering, user experience
design, serious game development, extended reality, artificial intelligence, and computer
education. His recent research publications have been in the areas of serious game development, software analytics, and engineering education. He is co-author of a best-selling introductory computer science text and the world’s most popular software engineering text. He has served as co-editor of three collections of software engineering research papers. Dr, Maxim’s professional experience includes managing research information systems at a medical school, directing instructional computing activities for a medical campus, working as a statistical programmer in a department of epidemiology, and serving as the chief technology officer for a game development company.