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Digital Education Day is a once a year event here at University of Michigan – Dearborn (UMD) where members of our community come together to talk about how the digital is impacting the way we deliver educational experiences. Past events were very Dearborn focused but this year was broadened because of several factors. Originally, we’d begun to broaden through partnerships with Henry Ford College (HFC) and University of Michigan – Flint (UMich – Flint), but then we opened even more as the event was made virtual due to COVID-19. 

One very cool artifact of this move to online is that if you missed out, or even if you made it but want to relive it, we have a series of recordings from all of the super smart presenters. Some of these are admittedly kind of long but they are so so good. 

Our keynote this year was flipped meaning that the keynote address was recorded by our amazing keynote presenter Dr. Robin DeRosa and released a few weeks before the actual event. The idea here was that people would watch beforehand and then come to the keynote session on the actual day of the event for an interactive conversation. It didn’t disappoint and you can view the address itself, entitled Synchronicity, COVID, Care, and Connected Learning (40min), as well as the great conversation afterward from the broader community (80min). Both the keynote and the conversation will inspire you if you are feeling disheartened by the disconnections of the mostly online semester and would like strategies to better connect in communities of inquiry and curiosity with your students.

If you are looking for something a little shorter, consider taking in the 16min Connecting Minds from Brandon Blinkenberg at University of Michigan – Flint. Brandon talks about ways we can connect with our students and for them to connect with us recommending different hardware and software tools that can be used in sync and async video and collaboration scenarios. 

Two sessions are a parade of awesome teaching reflections and techniques. How We Teach Online (1hr) contains reflections from panelists Vicky Bessette (HFC), John Chenoweth (UMD), Rosemary Miketa (HFC), Jen Proctor (UMD), Zahid Syed (UMich – Flint). And the Virtual Village (1hr) has Maya Barak (UMD), Shanna Simpson-Singleton (HFC), Sheila Smith (UMD), Kevin Trovini (HFC), Pamela Stewart (HFC).

Finally, we had Hub Instructional Designers presenting in two sessions. Mythbusting Open Educational Resources (51min) with the Open Educational Resources Taskforce. And Questioning the Myth of the Digital Native (49min) which caught the attention of the UM-Dearborn News team and turned into this reflective interview with two of the presenters: The Dangers of Assuming Students are Great with Technology.

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