UM-D 2021 Winter Canvas Templates

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Exciting news! The UM-D 2021 Winter Canvas Templates have launched and are now available in the Canvas Commons. For Spring of 2021 we have two templates that you can choose from.

What is a “Canvas Template”?

A Canvas Template is just a layout that you can import into any of your canvas course shells (your actual course with students enrolled or a Work in Progress, or WIP, course) to give you a start on designing your course.

The 4 minute video below gives a quick overview of our 2021 Winter designs.

The Hub started to create templates during the beginning of the shift to remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic and we continue to produce new templates based on feedback from those who are using them. For Winter of 2021 we have two templates that you can choose from: Weekly Pages or Weekly Modules.

Difference between the two designs

Both templates have a lot in common. They both come with help documentation for you and basic steps that you might follow in designing your course. Additionally, they come with help documentation for students about how to use Canvas and how to adjust study skills during COVID-19.

Where they differ is simply in how they layout the weekly content. The Weekly Modules template has a module for every week or 18 modules in all (15 dated weekly modules, 1 example module, 1 welcome module, and 1 instructor help module). This results in a longer module layout but chunks information out on different screens.

scrolling gif of weekly modules

The Weekly Pages template is much shorter with only 3 modules total (1 for weekly content with a dated page for every week, 1 Welcome module, and 1 instructor help module). It is intended that all of the information for the week will go into a single page and chunking information out by creating links to the resources that you need.

Animated Gif of Weekly Pages Layout

To find the templates search for “Dearborn Hub” in the Canvas Commons. If you have never used the Canvas Commons to import content you may find this document helpful. And of course if you need any help don’t hesitate to make an appointment with one of us.

Autumm Caines is an Instructional Designer in the Hub for Teaching and Learning Resources.

Featured Image: Template by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

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