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We love our Hub friends, the faculty who come to lots of workshops, reach out with questions, or stay in touch to talk about teaching. We are always interested in making more friends because there is a lot of innovative and thoughtful teaching happening in our campus community. We would like to formalize those friendships, new and old, with the Hub Affiliates Program. Check out the program description for more information and links to apply.

Hub Affiliates will develop expertise on a teaching and learning topic, of their own choosing, for the benefit of the campus teaching community and receive a $3000 stipend for their work during 2021. You might ask, what teaching and learning topic? We have a list of suggestions on our program description but we are also encouraging you to pitch your own.

We don’t always all approach teaching the same way but we all agree that we want Dearborn students to succeed. College success could be transformative for many students on our campus, with 47% of incoming students who are first generation and 44% of students overall who are Pell Grant eligible, according to our campus fast facts. All the time in the Hub, we are impressed with the thoughtful ways you are engaging your students. Our work in the Hub is connective – we want to be the vehicle that helps share your great teaching strategies with each other. If you know of something that will increase student success, use the Affiliates program to share it with your colleagues. Fill out the very short interest form by October 30th.

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