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Avoiding Incompletes: Strategies to Help Underperforming Students

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This is still a semester to approach with care, for both faculty and students. We know faculty are facing unusual challenges and taking on significant work. Many of our students are (like us) overwhelmed. Most of you did not sign on to be online instructors and, similarly, most of our students never intended to be full-time online students. 

It is very possible that the shift to online courses could lead to a retention crisis. What can we do to avoid the surge of incompletes or E grades in our courses?

This six minute recording from a recent Hub coffee hour describes some tips:

Here is a quick summary:

Intervene with Struggling Students

Offer Options

  • Give them more than one way to complete assignments 
  • If necessary, use the Incomplete Grade and the weeks before Jan 13 to accept late work

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